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Sussanne lent her support to designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla at their annual fashion show that raises money for cancer patients. The interior designer paired a jacket by the duo with Balmain denims and a Pradaclutch. Unfortunately, between the embellishment on the sleeves and the gold buttons on the denim, her outfit came out looking quite Bandmaster-ish.

There was just no salvaging that jacket.

Sussanne Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. May be, just may be, if that jacket did not have any details around the shoulder and if it was a unbuttoned jacket, this may have been very ok. I mean – at the low end of OK scale!
    She tried her best to make it work. But, its an impossible task! that jacket should retire..

  2. I wonder what kind of hold do the designers have over the Bolly-brigade, that they agree to wear the most atrocious of their clothes.

  3. She looks like she ran away from her group… Shiv Mohan Band, i.e.,
    Her purse appropriately looks like that circular noisemaker with those shrill brass discs :P

  4. I think its all the white that makes it look bad. The same jacket worn with a different colour or may be a skirt or something would have looked okay. The white is too jarring against the jacket.

  5. Even after wearing these clown outfits, why are they considered stylish?
    The jacket should have stayed in the closet along with those tight white pants.

  6. For, someone who works as creative person (interior designer to be precise). Sussane’s taste of clothes /shoes and anything fashion is far more tasteful.

    I get easy breezy , not everyone need to look like runway model but come on you can’t always dress like you have no clue what looks good and stylish !

    What a pity really..

  7. Omg in my opinion I think Suzanne looked her best here after agessssssssss !!! She always have weird sense of dressing up with block heels and tiring makeup
    What a fresh face perfect make up .. don’t bother what’s she’s wearing lol


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