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South actors Surabhi, Ritu and Anu sported saris at the Zee Apsara Awards with Surabhi opting for a more modern Archana Rao one and the other two picking some traditional weaves.

They all looked pretty but I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Ritu and Anu’s saris. Did you have an outright favorite?

Surabhi, Ritu Varma & Anu Emmanuel at Zee Apsara Awards 2017

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  1. that pussy-bow belt totally ruined whatever newness there was in the Archana Rao. the other two aren’t really exceptional — Anu’s saree, especially, is a new play on an old weave, but isn’t experimental enough with the newness to merit mention — but, OTOH, you generally never go wrong by playing safe.

  2. Saree worn the way it should looks good- I don’t see the need for belts and things. Love the way the ladies look in it- not too skinny unlike some who look like DHW-Dead Human Walking.


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