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Sunidhi performed at the music launch of Khoobsurat wearing an Urvashi Joneja pant-suit with a red piped shirt. The brick-pattern suit looked smart on the runway. On Sunidhi though, not so much.

As much as she was trying for an offbeat-rocker chick look, it didn’t work. The suit wasn’t baggy enough to evoke a casual feel and just looked awkward. And those humongous platform sneaker wedges weren’t helping either.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. waaay tooooo busy and kind of awful. slightly palatable on the runway but the backs of those trousers make them so overkill they are just OTT beyond OTT especially when worn with the rest of the clown suit.

  2. Oh geez this look is a train wreck on Sunidhi. I loved the outfit when I saw it on the runway, but it doesn’t suit Sunidhi whatsoever. I would’ve loved to have seen this pant suit on Kangana or Deepika.

  3. I guess when you are not comfortable in what you are wearing it really shows. All the styling in the world can’t save you from looking awkward.

  4. Everything is wrong here. None of those pieces should be worn together. As individual items they are good but a complete mess together. This picture should be preserved for posterity to illustrate what not to wear/style disasters. Hair, makeup, jewellery, everything makes her look cheap. This is so sad!!


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