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Just yesterday, we were going gaga over her and now we’ve got ourselves this! A fishtail gown made of shiny lurex material with a rosette shoulder was what Sri walked in for designer Neeta Lulla on the last day of LFW.

Considering the gown has two aspects already that we abhor the most (read lurex and rosettes), it should be no suprise that we hated it! As for Sri, she still managed to shine, no pun intended. :P

Sridevi for Neeta Lulla, Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. OMG..what an ugly dress..is it made with saran wrap? but it goes to show that Sridevi can salvage even the most ugliest of fashion creations..she looks stunning!

  2. I am cringing with embarrassment thinking about the “OMG! you must be kidding?!” thoughts running through the western designers heads seated in the audience to see Indian fashion shows….

    Dresses like this you will find in the extreme back of the closet where you put OTT theatrical drama costumes of the 14th century….

  3. i think we all are unanimous on this post sri looks fantastic but the dress ( if u can call it that :P) is not an atrocity its a monstrocity … why sri why did you agree to wear this i mean neeta lulla isnt one of the best designers out there but sri couldve chosen something less atrocious to wear this dress infact reminds of the dress sri wore when she first walked the ramp for chintan n priya only that dress was in gold and this dress is in silver :P is that a coincidence … go figure!!!.
    P S sri should now change her look maaybe hire a stylist as as is beginning to look the same now she looks gorgeous but she should change the way she looks now .

  4. i saw the video of this show, and she almost tripped and couldnt walk in the dress, bacahri, but she does look nice but cant help to think i dont think sri devi likes it :s

  5. OMG Sej I definitely agree – her boobs look disproportionate.

    Yeah, not the nicest dress ever. Neeta Lulla’s fashion never piques my interest, but her work as a film costume designer is definitely excellent. I mean Jodha Akbar – yes please!


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