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The Kapoor family also partook in the Reddy wedding festivities all weekend and wore Manish Malhotra to all the events. Catch all of their looks inside and let us know what you thought.







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  1. These are some very well dressed ladies! Khushi espcially looked very good in the princessy gown :-)
    but none can beat Momma Kapoor in a saree

  2. I liked Khushi’s look the best across all three festivities.
    Jhanvi’s sangeet look is nice, carnival (really, that term is singularly funny for a weding event!) is strictly okay, the wedding look is super ott. The hair jewellery didnt go at all, especially with the dress already being so bright and busy. Khushi looks super elegant here and got it right.
    I liked Sri only in the saree look, didnt care for the gown or the anarkali and the rather severe make up and hair that went with it. I wish she did sarees for all three which look so lovely on her.

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  4. Some stunning looks, Khushi won here overall, but Jhanvi’s sangeet gown and red off the shoulder dress didn’t go unnoticed. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  5. This shows the Kapoor ladies can rock in any dress whether modern or traditional.
    I like all the 3 ladies in Sangeet and Wedding.
    For the Carnival wear, I wish Sridevi had a necklace that runs more on the chest, or had top to show less cleavage. Not that showing cleavage is inappropriate (not being judgmental here) but the look doesn’t go too well considering the rest of her body is totally covered; the bosom is drawing too much of attention because of that.

  6. Most of the looks are too over styled for my liking.
    Especially the girls at the wedding. The outfit is loud and then they added on earrings, necklace and tikka/mathpathi. Very busy looks.

  7. It’s a Reddy wedding, and invariably people dress up a lot for those weddings. So doesn’t seem OTT in that context. Even so, I wish the girls would lighten up a bit and dress more their age. Both the Sangeet and Wedding outfits have too much going on for them.
    Sridevi on the other hand looks fab.

  8. I don’t find the the wedding outfit OTT at all, probably bit loud but not ott. Wedding occasions are some of the few venues where you can overdo and still be forgiven!
    However, in this case it doesn’t even look gaudy or over the top. You should see the rest of the guests (not counting the bride and her nearest relatives) to get an idea of what it can be ‘too much’.
    The wedding outfit on Jhanvi and Kushi might look bit loud at first, but the more you look the less you will mind. This is a very typical South Indian look and well done. They are not drowned with jewellery head to toe. And the dress is very traditional South Indian !!!

    • It’s not about ‘too much’. It’s about the taste. These ladies have gaudy and garish taste in clothes which is shown in all of their outings. South India clothes and dressing is gorgeous if done right and with good taste.

  9. I feel they are way too over styled and over dressed. They are all great looks and the girls look beautiful, especially Khushi. But none of this feels genuine or personal and lacks individuality. They look like beautiful mannequins.

  10. Love the wedding looks on all, except the jewellery and forehead accessory on Jhanvi. It is ugly and does not suit her face.
    sangeet looks are too westernized in my opinion for an indian wedding.
    If you look at the sisters dupattas on wedding day, it looks like they were bought in painth bazaar, on a deal, 2 for the price of 1, LOL !!

  11. I’m from south india -Hyderabad to be precise. The wedding and Sangeeta outfits are definitely not OTT.-it’s par for the course here. People drown themselves in jewellery. They would have blended with the festive crowd really easy .. The only comment I do have to make is that head piece on jahnvi- it’s not well made. Right now it looks like a label – hey look here , sridevi s daughter- it should have been longer – going all the way to the ear to look proper. This is like the maker left it half way through.

    • Agree. Its not OTT in fact for any South Indian wedding. Not that North Indians (Punjabis/Rajasthanis) are any less in loading themselves in gold/diamonds for wedding or any festivity. Been to many overloaded ones. Lol.

  12. Sridevi looks absolutely divine in that Sari. Gorgeous girls. Jhanvi looks like a perfect princess in the sangeet one. Hope Jhanvi can be least as half as good as her mom in the acting arena. Looks & style wise she is doing great. So is Kushi.


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