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Wearing an Anushree Reddy sari, Sridevi helped inaugurate an women’s exhibition in Mumbai on Thursday. The sari itself was rather pretty. Where the love was lost was that glossy pink lip and the matching baby pink Hermès Jige clutch. The look ended up feeling too match-ey.


Sridevi at IMC Ladies Wing Exhibition

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  1. Its a pretty saree, but there’s something not right with the face. Is it the hair or make up? But the unthinkable has happened – Sridevi in a saree and I don’t like it,

  2. Lovely sari. Would have been her usual perfect look in sari if the makeup was not loud. Her make up is always nice wonder what happened.

  3. Sridevi never had any sense of style or fashion even during her working days in the film industry. I believe she hired stylists who knew to do their job. she has a very poor and bad dressing sense. her daughters are equally bad too. even now her stylist pick these clothes so she looks presentable atleast. she is awful in personal photos – just gross.

  4. But I agree her makeup is not up to par and if she does employ stylists as some prominent celebrities must, what happened to their ‘styling’?


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