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At Anil Kapoor’s birthday bash, Sridevi was seen in a Manish Malhotra lehenga. Yep, you read that right! This is a Manish Malhotra creation and you aren’t the only one finding it hard to believe it. I am too.

Besides the fact that I didn’t like the lehenga one bit, am also a bit surprised at the choice. The entire look just seems just way too overwhelming for a private house party. A light weight chiffon sari by the designer might have been so much more appropriate.


Sridevi at Anil Kapoor’s Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not surprised that this is a MM. Not-easy-on-the-eye, loud, inelegant are good characteristics of MM creations.

    What I find hard to digest is that Sridevi wore it to a birthday. This seems more appropriate for a special wedding. Maybe Diwali… But a gold lehenga to a birthday??

  2. She looks great, but IMO very overdressed for this and many other events she attends. this is an outfit one would wear to a wedding reception, not a birthday party.

  3. “This is a Manish Malhotra creation and you aren’t the only one finding it hard to believe it. I am too”
    Seriously?! Have you girls lost your memory? This ugly shiny, tacky looking thing screams MM even if u look at it from km away.

  4. She looks great like always. It is just because it HER. On anyone else, it will be a sob story. I want to see what the others wore, because in the other Ambani bash everyone else were also dressed up heavy too.

  5. She was definitely overdressed for the event. Most of them were super casual and a lot of leather out there!! she has a tendency to go overboard with indian wear. would like to see her in a simple kurta or some handloom sari.
    not a fan of this dual shade silky fabric she is wearing.

  6. This doesn’t surprise me anymore…Nor does the free pass. Because it is Sridevi. I get that she is a brilliant actress. I get that she’s aged (or not) beautifully. But where’s the grace? So age and event inappropriate. Her fashion memo lately has been stuck to just one idea – bring on the bling!


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