In Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna

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Sophie hosted the Miss Diva 2018 pageant in Delhi on Thursday evening wearing a beaded grey gown by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. Letting the gown do all the talking, she finished out her look with grey beaded hoop studs, a diamond bracelet and silver sandals.

She looked good!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • This question has been asked before, but no answers yet, because nobody knows.

      She seems to be influential or successful enough to be all over the place all the time, and rich enough to be dressed in expensive clothes.

      But people who actually are in the business because of merit and are successful, are not necessarily seen all the time in all the parties, events etc., because they are actually busy. So, by that logic, she is not successful. She is then just a rich gal with bollywood friends, an extra, seat filler and constant fashion blog material! :)

      • She was former VJ who turned singer. If you follow her on instagram, you’ll know she performs at corporate events and wedding and does hosting duties as well. All these are paying gigs.

        • I wish we used these blogs only to comment on clothes and not the merits of individual careers. More so, because there is no hard yardstick, it can get a little unnecessary. To stretch the example, I might say that only Bharat Ratna awardees should be featured here, and it would make no sense.
          Public figures are public figures, and there is no qualifier. Sometimes these lines are blurred too. A politician gets into movies or vice versa – where do you draw the line then? I am personally not interested in the Kardashian family, so I just avoid their coverage. I don’t need to diss their merits.
          Peace :-)

        • Not jealous at all!

          I show up here for entertainment and to appreciate well dressed, self made, hardworking women. This woman has always been a mystery because many folks have wondered what exactly she does.. In fact recently someone asked “what keeps her cash register ringing?”. lol.

          Never has anyone answered till now. Payal volunteered the answer this time. Thank you Payal


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