Photoshoot Wars!

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In real life, we doubt we’ll ever see these two wear the same outfit just because their individual styles are soo different but in this photoshoot they do (in the Amit Aggarwal for Morphe design) and so we gotta ask: Who do you like better?

Click on pic for a bigger image.

Left: Sonam Kapoor in HiBlitz
Right: Priyanka Chopra Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Sonam-Kapoor.Net, IAmPriyankaChopra

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    • Ditto !! Sonam brings this look just so simple yet so sensuous.. PC on the other hand brings a weird kinda, electric vibe…+ it looks quiet photo shopped…so the moral is- Never compare Sonam wid Piggy chops !

  1. In priyanka’s the colours of the dress come out bright and it looks glam.
    But the pink part in the purple looks nice in sonam’s. The dress looks summery in her photo.

    Its a tough one to chose from. I like the dress anyways.

  2. although im a die hard of sonam’s stylish outfits.. id have to go with Priyanka.. she makes the dress come to life.. on sonam it looks too dull.

    • Totally agree. Fashion wise Priyanka definitely rocks this shoot, if I were the designer of the dress I would choose Priyanka’s campaign. She showcases it the best and def brings it to life, and she looks like the kind of girl I would want wearing my dresses.

    • maybe they are not aware. i think Sonam’s photoshoot was done a while ago…one or two years ago. need to put dates along with the description there.

  3. Sonam gave very soft feminine look to the a princesses and on other hand …Priyanka gave very hard tough look to the dress…little close to sexy. But I enjoyed Sonam flawless look more!!!

  4. im quite convinced the colors are different, unless its the lighting. the background, the mood, the pose, the hair are all in sync with the respective pics…but still prefer the sonam shade, makes the dress looks much nicer!!!


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