Sonam on Vogue:(Un)Covered

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We had a feeling one of the September covers would feature Ms. Kapoor given that her movie is out this month, and turns out we were right. Wearing Louis Vuitton and sporting diva-esque big hair, Sonam covers the most coveted edition of the year.


P.S. Catch her in Dior and another LV inside.


Left: Louis Vuitton, Fall 2014
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Vogue Sep 2014


Left: In Dior With Futurology Earrings and Ferragamo Bag
Right: In Louis Vuitton

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks good, but Sonam can never look as sexy to me as Katrina or Deepika no matter how hard she tries. Her appeal lies in her pretty smile and sweet looks.

  2. She does look great but…
    Serious lack of imagination for Vogue! So she has a movie out but isn’t there anyone else who they could feature…so bored of seeing her on these covers. Wasn’t she just on the Harper’s cover last month…yawn

  3. Disappointing that a fashion magazine picked an actor to appear in a September issue( esp vogue). I feel bad for those models who should be more deserving of this privilege.
    I mean you don’t expect a model to appear in the cover of filmfare, do you?!

  4. These pictures are not Vogue worthy. Nothing about them screams ‘Hawt’!! Seems very forced as it always is with Sonam. Wearing hot clothes not maketh thee hot.


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