Sonam on Vogue: (Un)covered

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Vogue celebrates its 100th issue and the first cover of 2016 with Sonam on its cover wearing a Fall 2015 Gucci look.

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Left: Gucci Fall 2015
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Vogue India Jan 2016

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  1. Wax statue rehearsal :D, Sonam is so beautiful person with,why did she agreed to be Photoshoped for the Vogue. Its underwhelming look with not to appealing styling either. The runway look is clean and chic, this is grossly messes up. True that,her stylist blindly copies looks from runway.

  2. She looks so comical. This is how lot of people photoshop their profile pics on Facebook, lol, even the Photoshop is so amateurish. She looks like a bad version of herself.

  3. the Photoshop aside, there is zero originality here. She’s wearing exactly what the model wore, hair the same, even the ring.

    up your game vogue india, learn a thing or two from your other vogue cousins…italia in particular.

  4. What happened Sonam??

    I absolutely love the vibe of the cover, except for the ghost / clown / wax face.
    Wth is the matter with these mags? Wan’t celebrities but don’t like their faces !??


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