Sonam on Filmfare: (Un)Covered

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With two movies coming in the near future, you can expect this Kapoor to be on the cover of lots of magazines. Here is the editorial of her Filmfare July 2010 one featuring her in outfits by Sonam Dubal, Asmita Marwa, Anamika Khanna and Rajesh Pratap.

Catch the Asmita dress on the runway here.


Left: Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna
Right: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Winged Wedges


Asmita Marwah


Sonam Dubal


Left: Rajesh Pratap Right: Sonam Dubal

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. I wish I had not bothered to read the snippets…gosh, she sounds like a fifteen year old!
    Don’t care about the cover much though love the silver bracelet…those shoes are fun as well…Giesha meets an angel :) Like the gypsy feel of the first look.

    • I agree, about the snippets and her sounding like a 15 year old. separate bedrooms, artificial insemination if not married by 30! Really now?

      Clothes and the shoot are nothing great either. All in all, this didnt work for me.

      • she be 30 in 5yrs..we will all be around to see what happens to that
        love th cover shot & asmita marwah dress & those red shoes yummy

    • lol i’m glad i read them, they’re UTTERLY hilarious! i think the not dating an actor bit took the cake.

      like the cover on this shoot. that’s it. the rest of the photos look kind of jaded. been there done that. boring. my favorite shoot of hers remains the one she did for louis vuitton (if i remember correctly). it had brilliant photography.

    • yeh so cliched..30…as if the world ends for girls when they turn i gues i just have 8 more years…omg omg…i need a male friend to sign this silly kinda pact..; D..
      ok and she cant date an actor coz it will be like dating her dad.. i guess i need to date an actor coz dating a non actor would be like dating my gross..: D..ah but then whos intrested in reading bout me..i aint no star..: O…

      • Really hillarious commentx . . . made my day . . .loved the way u depicted the stark contrast . . . between her n youuu . . . way to go spongy . . . hhc needz more vizitorz like u . . .

  2. Other than the last photo, have disliked this photo shoot.. a rarity, I normally love Sonam, but here she is trying to be/or being styled as someone very different -does not gel

  3. Nothing great about any of the clothes. But like those wedges. Fun.
    From the snippets:”I would never date an actor because that would be like dating my dad” That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Bahaha!

  4. The shoot itself is pretty unremarkable, but the cover is striking and gorgeous. I especially love the winged shoes, so whimiscal and chic!

  5. wat a sexy photoshoot simply love sonam n her sense of fresh chic style … absolutely loved the pic where shes wearing printed top with skinny jeans and sexy red stilettos


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