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Spotted both Sonam Kapoor and Chitrangda Singh in the same Gayatri Khanna cross back top from her Fall 2007 collection.

It’s uncanny though how similar the work is to the Spring 2008 Dsquared² collection. What do you think?

P.S. Thanks to ‘amna’ for sending it in.

Sonam Kapoor

Chitrangda Singh, Verve

Gayatri Khanna, Fall 2007
Dsquared², Spring 2008

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  1. Chitraganda Singh is SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! She’s got amazing features.

    Sonam, too, looks really pretty. She’s got such a “soft” look to her.

  2. my god, chitrangada is breathtaking here (and everywhere, really)! so glad she’s back into films – one movie wasn;t enough (on a side note – does anybody know if that other movie she made – kal – is ever getting a proper release?)

  3. Chitragandha reminds me of Nandita Das. – both stunning women! I love Sonam. She looks so beautiful and delicate. The top is gorgeous! I love the sparkling jewels. I want it!!

  4. omg sonam jus surprises me everything…in a good way…love her! Chitrangda’s features are awesome..somewhat like raveena…but much better…

  5. Chitragandha looks like such a modern 21th century Indian girl…I love that her face has stronger features and she wears it well. And that shirt is gorgeous, but unfotunate that its so similar to Dsquared

  6. I am in love with Chitragandha. love her complexion & features. She looks so lovely. Sonam looks gorgeous too. I like the color of Sonam’s top better though.

  7. Oh. My. God. I have never seen a more beautiful creature in my life.

    I totally have a girl crush — scratch that — I totally have a full out crush on Chitrangda Singh.

  8. chitrangda and sonam are both drop dead gorgeous. such modern and intelligent girls too. i hope the get the recognition they deserve. the top is nice too.

  9. well atleast this time it seems as though DSquared might have found inspiration from the indian designer instead of the other way around…GK’s collection was Fall 07 and DS was Spring 2008..justt an observation =)


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