In Benetton

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Wearing a Benetton dress with her Balenciaga boots and jewellery from Misho, Sonam attended a special press meet celebrating the brand’s 25 years in business. Loved everything about this look except the blazer. It threw proportions off a bit. A coat would’ve worked better.

Sonam Kapoor

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  1. Agree with the blazer being an addition too much but neck-up boy does she look good!
    But, & yes here’s the eternal but, I don’t think the make-up, earrings & hair go with that dress.

    (Also are those Misho earrings? Want!)

    • +1 I agree here, I am not sure if the earrings go with the dress. And I thought her hair and make-up were bit severe for the colorful dress but it’s an interesting take.

  2. The makeup is so bad, I don’t even know where to start. There is a white powdery feel to her whole face with excessively severe filling-in of the eyebrows. Not working at all.

  3. Over done. She always looks like she spent hours getting ready. That itself is a huge sartorial downer. One sporty element…..would have been kinda neat.

  4. There’s something about the type/pattern of this dress and its fabric that isn’t quite in sync — I feel like that fabric should’ve been heavier, with less “give” and the dress should’ve been more fitted to Sonam’s body. And yes, second someone’s suggestion on rose gold jewelry.

  5. above are the tips for how to spoil a perfectly nice dress.
    make it weird by wearing this black stockings with this footwear! put on 4 layer of mismatched makeup! and out of place jewelry!

  6. Would it kill her to have a cohesive look at least one time? Those eyesore earrings clash with the rest of the outfit. Something more subtle and western would have brought the look together nicely.


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