Sonam on Bazaar Bride: (Un)Covered

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To mark designer Anita Dongre’s store opening later this year in NYC, Bazaar Bride and Sonam headed to the Big Apple for a shoot featuring the designer’s latest collection and jewellery from Pink City.

Catch the full spread below.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its so weird, I love Sonam as a model and I love Dongre’s new collection but them together – its looking a little ordinary… Is it just me or is anyone else also feeling that?

    • Concur.. if it wasnt for the tagline that said bridal, there is nothing bridal about this image! Blue is notoriously inauspicious for weddings (last i checked), even the makeup , pose, background – nothing suggests anything to do with bridal!

    • I had exactly the same reaction. I didn’t think it was possible but Sonam actually looks awkward in most photographs. Her make up is also dull. Especiallly the strapless blue dress, Sonam can’t seem to pull it off.

  2. Some of those pictures are beautiful & Sonam looks lovely. A bit meh for a magazine shoot.
    Hadn’t you guys stopped doing uncovered posts bcoz they were same ole same ole with the exact same faces rotated around each month?
    Errr.. what changed?

  3. This is very lackluster, because there is a disconnect between the clothes and the backdrop. I don’t think the usual NYC shots of yellow cab, skyline etc work with the clothes/ mood they are trying to display. Either use out of the box locales or use edgier make up/ clothes. As is it looks as if a lot of disinterested folks came together – Sonam adding no personality to the photos, the photographer randomly clicking half of a cab door and what not and the MUA going MIA :)

  4. I think it lacks impact because other than being shot in NYC it doesn’t seem to have any overall theme tying all the shots together. And the cover photo is one of the weakest. I would have gone with the pink lehenga one


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