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We love festival season because you get to see stars in their traditional avatars. Giving us one today was Sonali wearing a blue and red handwoven sari and looking absolutely gorgeous in it. It’s a bummer we don’t see them do such traditional looks more often.

P.S. If you don’t have access to buy ethnic saris, sells a good selection of hand woven silks. Browse their selection here.


Sonali Bendre at Ganesh Puja Festivities

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This particular saree that Sonali is wearing is a very traditional typical maharashtrian saree called – Paithani.
    They are mainly made at a small town in maharashtra called Yevalaa.

    • +1. Dear Payal and Priyanka:I miss the old P&P, the women who ID’d gorgeous Indian handlooms and marched to their own beat. The new Sonam Kapoor koolaid-swilling/ editorial and interview loving duo seem a little out of touch. I loved the original spirit of the blog :) Fashion from an outsider’s perspective, aka our perspective.

    • Thanks for ID-ing that its a Paithani. I agree P&P. Would be great if you can be more specific with saree types and be informed beyond the designer names. I know sometimes it can be hard to tell from the pictures but you could try.

  2. This saree is in fact, a paithani – where the pallu has motifs of peacocks and sometimes swans. These can be bought anywhere around Mumbai or the rest of Maharashtra.

    I love how her jewellery is so understated. She looks so sublime.

  3. P&P – it’s a Paithani! Considering that most of the traditional silk sarees we see here are either Kanjevarams or Benarasi, I would think this merits identifying the saree by name. Plus, Paithanis are gorgeous and truly a labour of love. I really wish more people (not just celebs) wore them.

  4. HHC readers – since you all seemed to be well-versed in Paithanis, where is a good place to get them on my next trip to India (either Bombay or Madras)? Thanks in advance!

  5. And while we are at the detailing, she is wearing traditional Maharashtrian necklaces. They are called bormala, named after the shape of berries.

    • Thank you!! It’s wonderful to be able to identify and appreciate the myriad shades of beauty that lies within each state. I was wondering about the necklace. It’s nice to have commentators on the blog who are well informed and willing to educate :) Industry insiders/stylists pay heed.

  6. I thought it was a kanchipuram, I had not previously heard of paithani, I am So lusting after one now, anyone knows if these are available in chennai?

    • @ Foggy

      I am staying in Coimbatore and in Coimbatore RMKV has this Paithani collection. May be you can try in RMKV Chennai branch. Paithani saris are famous for the peacock designs on the pallu. That’s the trademark. I have one such lovely sari in dark green and gold border combination.


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