Sonakshi on Bazaar Bride: (Un)Covered

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Bazaar Bride’s latest cover features Sonakshi in a Gaurav Gupta gown and a Maldives beach providing a backdrop. We can’t remember her hair being so red, ever. Unless, the effect was intentional, to go with the typeface.

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Sonakshi Sinha on Bazaar Bride June 2015

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  1. Whats with the extra padding on the back? Photoshop fail?

    P&P for the love of God, just feature Sonam’s lofficiel cover already before her PR people bust a gut. :-D

    • Lol…agree.
      This particular Reader has been asking for Sonam’ s cover forever.
      Chill guys…we have already seen it and trust’s amazing..NOT!!!

  2. She’s unrecognizable! Photoshop OD!!
    And hair and makeup are soooo off!! its really a “wtheeyyyy” for a bazaar bride cover! FAIL!!!

  3. Sonakshi is trying too hard these days to be “someone else”. To be on a Bazaar Bride’s cover and look like this is so blah. Her expressions, hair, make up & even the gown does not suit her. And, on top of it bad photo shop. I feel disappointed much.


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