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It was LBDs for both Sonakshi and Arpita at the latter’s birthday celebration at Aurus. Both looked pretty good in their dresses but I am loving Arpita’s look a whole lot more. She looks freakin’ amazing in the the sky-high Giuseppe Zanotti chain-edge heels and the pony tail.

Sonakshi Sinha and Arpita Khan at Arpita’s Birthday Bash at Aurus

Left: Arpita Khan at Arpita’s Birthday Bash at Aurus
Right: Giuseppe Zanotti Chain Edge Pumps

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Really? I disagree – Sonakshi takes this one for me hands down though it is definitely an improvement for Arpita from past disastrous appearances.

  2. ms.khan seems to be wearing those amazing shoes in a tad bit big size. I wonder if they were just there for standing and posing for photographs. they look as if they are going to slip off if she attempts to walk

    sonakshi wins it for me despite the blah shoes and the tv-serialish hair (notice how everyone on tv has impossible long, straight, shiny hair these days) ….. its the bag i think ….. it looks so cute, makes her look better

  3. Sonakshi is actually better though Arpita’s shoes are awesome but as someone said.. wrong size. Also the fittingof the dress on her bust is a bit off.. maybe she could have done with a better bra.. why can’t she use SOME makeup

  4. sonakshi looks good..but arpita gets my vote. firstly love her shoes!!!! i want em right now!!! she is looking so lovely..and turning into a fine lady. keep up the style quotient!

  5. Both look cute.
    Arpita would be the only bolly girl who doesn’t shy away from her original skin tone. you need to be really confident and comfortable in your skin to be so.

  6. Sonakshi looks HOT. Arpitas look is killed with those shoes, as gorgeous as they are, they are way too big for her. Her look woulda worked if she put on some dramatic lippie. Her face looks too bare.

  7. Sonakshi is lookin’ so hottt…this gal has a got a face n style for sure…plus she has lost oodles of weight…looking totally stunning…n yes i prefer Sonakshi over Arpita 4 sure.

  8. Sonakshi is one of the most gorgeous girls…she’s got an amazing face!! I’m sure the day is not far when she’ll be in the top league of actors!! I’m totally gaga over her…can’t wait to see her on the big screen!! :)


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