Some Like It Small!

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While some love to go big, we found a few people who’d much rather go the other way! Case in point, Katrina with the small Balenciaga “Motorcycle”, Anju with the smaller “Birkin”, and Demi with the Mini YSL “Downtown”!

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  1. saya…ur so right! she does resemble PZ a bit!

    btw, will big bags remain in fashion or will the smaller varieties beat them this yr? Coz im thinkin of buyin new bags but dont wanna invest in something that will go out of fashion!

    i live in aus…and usually the bag fashion is similar everywhere, but just to make sure

  2. Can’t see Balenciaga “Motorcycle” one more time. So done. I love the small birkin. I saw somebody carry it in green in Argentina and have been lusting for once ever since. If ladies have any suggestion on which green do let me know.
    Again don’t care for YSL “downtown”. Love the small YSL muse though. They have one that is sequined. Looks good on Bluefly but not sure how it is going to look in real life.


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