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Sneha attended the pre-release function of a movie this week wearing a mint and red kanjeevaram. She looked lovely!


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  1. Now that is one lovely color combo and well designed blouse for that saree.. Not ott not too simple.. Wish Shabana and Hema Malini select and style their silks this way.

    • True. Sneha is Sari Queen.

      Where is this? In Heaven? No in South India. This is how a South Indian woman dresses traditionally in states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

      • Yeah and in bollywood movies, I still have no clue on why bollywood stereotypes a south indian woman dressing like a tacky dresser and one boob show draping(Chennai Express, Celina Jaitly in Golmaal etc). The only famous and most common way of saree draping ‘nivi style’ is from south, specifically from Andhra. But they conveniently chose to ignore that and in turn assign stereotypes.

        • Ignorance and lack of taste. Bollywood is crap, nowadays there is no grace left. It needs a big slap from someone to not stereotype and mock a specific region, culture, dressing and food.

          Yes ‘Nivi style’ sari draping is from Andhra/Telangana region, now adopted by the whole country and neighbor countries for it’s convenience and free flowing drape. You should see this movie trailer, in which Sneha was wearing rich, exquisite saris, blouses and jewelry. Oh lord, she looked beyond beautiful. And also Telugu singer Sunitha is another celeb who wears lovely saris, delicate jewelry and looks graceful and dignified all the time. I like to see her looks too. There are many celebs in South who wear such stunning saris and look poised.

  2. Can the sloppy drape and boob show fashionistas take note? THIS is how you drape a saree. This is how you look elegant and beautiful without the unnecessary skin show

  3. Love love love. Thanks for featuring her. She wears such nice sarees and happy to see her on this site.

    Love the mint and red. She looks fab!!

  4. Ethereal and breathtaking. Sneha is perfection and grace personified. That’s how you wear a sari beautifully and elegantly. All the fashionistas and wannabe fashionistas of India, take a bow to her.

  5. She is my Sari Icon, Jewelry Icon and Makeup Icon. She is the best sari icon ever and ever. In the video at this event, her makeup was perfect, jewelry was gorgeous, sari was splendid and she looked perfect and mesmerizing like she always is. So graceful and out of the world she is looking. Every single time she looks most exquisite.


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