Louis Lovin’

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We’ve seen the Leopard Nocturne on Sonam (see here), we’ve seen the Monogram Limelight on Alpana (see here) and completing the series of spotting for us with the Monogram Metisse version was Shilpa at the launch of her spa.

Weirdly enough, the least interesting version of the Louis Vuitton African Queen clutch, the Metisse, is actually the most expensive at $3230. Go figure! (The Nocturne retails for $2580 and the Limelight at $1530.)

P.S. Yup, those are LV sandals on Shilpa. Like we said, Louis Lovin’. Catch more pictures at ‘The Gallery’.


Left: Shilpa Shetty at Iosis Spa Launch
Right: Louis Vuitton African Queen Monogram Metisse Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hmmm I don’t like her shoes too much I mean you get very similar looking ones in random stores which are like way cheaper..I wouldn’t even pay 500 rupees for it..and the clutch is okay but definitely not worth the price … actually I take that back..it’s not ‘okay’ it’s borderline ugly!

    But the ugliest of all —> HER BELT

  2. dont tell me the shoes are LV. they are ugly. i like this clutch better than the shiny gold limelight. but the price freaks me out! plus her entire outfit is so off. u can look good in not-so expensive clothes, too! (read recent freida spotting and shreya hasan)

  3. I expected her to be more exquisitely dressed at her own spa launch. here she kinda looks like a trophy wife out shopping.

    I don’t see how the clutch is african-inspired, except the wooden toggle things.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shetty sisters get a huge discount at LV – they might as well be brand ambassadors.

  4. Ecept the top which I quite like, I like nothing else about this look. Can’t believe those are brnded sandals. Look so much Chandi Chowk types.

  5. 3 grands?! for a clutch? its not even a tote that one can use a reasonable number of times. why do people evn pay this kind of money for a stupid and in this case ugly bag.

  6. ugly shoes…uglier belt…sigh! Goes to show freebies and special discounts do nothing for a luxury brand like LV…especially when you cannot control the way your “ambassadors” throw the look together

  7. The top is kinda nice. Everything else, downright ugly. Her taste is always borderline tacky, and she looks the SAME no matter what she wear, btw has she ever been spotted in a ponytail, a messy chignon or an updo? LOL, she always has this overdone barbie hair.


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