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Before walking for Tarun Tahiliani’s SS 08 show, Shilpa was spotted in a Fornarina tee backstage… Its not everyday that we see Ms. Shetty in $40 apparel! ;)

Yes, its old news… but perfect for slow news days like today. Plus, the tee just went on sale!


Left: Shilpa Shetty
Right: Fornarina Tee


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  1. Fornarina? Oh dear, after that AWFUL commercial Linday Lohan did for them, I thought they were some trashy discount shop, lol. That top seems too young for Shilpa.

  2. Why pay good money for that awful looking wife beater? Just buy a cheap t-shirt and iron on the applique and add the cheap cord.

  3. Oh gosh, is she gonna ever age or gain a few pound, she always looks the same, fresh with good hair and good body, not fair

  4. HAHAHA All i can think of when I hear Fornarina is that weird commercial Lindsay Lohan did…ugh this shirt is for teenagers, not grown women…step up the style!

  5. She is so over the top, she cannot even keep a Tee and jeans look casual, there has to be full make up, shiny belt and bag.. too much.

  6. @ Soniya – I always wondered that about her!! I always thought she looked strange with eyebrows like that because they look drawn in, and way to high and long…i donno she looks plastic to me :|

  7. The top sure isn’t so great….maybe ditching the belt might have helped!! But Shilpa sure is hot, she’s got an amazing bod & gorgeous hair!


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