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At the Burberry do, Shazahn’s look didn’t quite work for us. One major dislike were the accessories. Also, the black strapless top with the skirt was entirely too boring. A crisp white button-down shirt with that gold skirt and some pumps/peeptoes, and we’d be singing a whole other tune!

Shazahn Padamsee At Burberry Bash Hosted By Christopher Bailey

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am with you PnP on this one. As it is, she looks like a stuffed…..ermmm….sorry ….but pillow !
    And will ppl stop colouring their hair to these unnatural lifeless fake shades. Black hair makes your face glow ! Lighter shades blend in with your face reducing that glowing characterstic !

  2. She could have made more interesting combination instead of the black tube. But at least she went for safe instead of something completely OTT. Hate those shoes though and if I m not mistaken, that skirts from Zara.

  3. i quite like the clutch. i think the problem is not with the accessories as such but with the golden skirt. it looks terribly out of place somehow.

  4. How would a crisp white shirt work for a burberry bash? If she gets rid of those tacky gold beads (also maybe change the black top to a white one), she should be good. Not a earth shattering look but will take this look over the designer disasters on aunties like – Anu dewan, Sabina Chopra~~~

  5. This girl makes this outfit, which has the potential to look awful, work. She carries herself very well. She should have avoided the watch though.


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