A Well Suited Face Off

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They both look droolworthy, but Farhan gets my vote! He get yours?

jimmy-shergill-shantaram-awards.jpg farhan-akhtar-shantaram-awards.jpg

Jimmy Shergill and Farhan Akhtar at V Shantaram Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. both

    actually, i wouldnt go ga ga over them, theyve looked hotter other times. but both coz they both look decent enough.

    something is off. i cant put my finger on it.

  2. I like Jimmy better.

    Something other than the smile that’s off – both pics seem to be taken from high up, which is making their legs look stunted.

  3. I’ve just never found Jimmy attractive :/
    Farhan on the other hand *drool*
    strictly clothing-wise though- I have to give this round to Jimmy, Farhan’s suit is horrible

  4. well, neither.

    jimmy [really now] his suit fits well but his face, not so good on his body and farhan, well I wouldnt wear em shoes to the restroom and wats with the way the pants fit?

  5. Jimmy JIMMY all d way!! Farhan’s suit is bleh…. Can sum1 pls explain y 1) neither of them look happy despite holding a trophy? and 2) wot did Jimmy get it for???

  6. Neither, really, rocks my socks. I don’t like what Farhan is wearing and his face looks very thin. Jimmy used to be such a cutie in like 2000 but for the last couple of years, he’s lost the soft and mellow sweetness on his face. :(


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