Who Wears It Better?

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Who wears the gold Pria Kataria Puri creation better? Either or neither?


Left: Anupama Verma, Zee Cine Awards
Right: Shamita Singha, Pria Kataria Puri Show

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  1. not a huge fan of the dress, period. but if i had to pick, shamita singh carries it better.

    not a huge fan of the handbag and the belt on anupama with the dress.

  2. Shamita looks nicer in it, better choice of belt, and just the right make up to go with a heavyish dress. Anupama looks nice, but bit OTT !

  3. is that a dress? – its so shiny and sparkly it reminds me of gift wrapping paper

    hate that belt on shamita – but shamita does look confident

  4. why would anyone wear that dress in the first place ?!
    it takes PURE personality to pull that off (or at least look half decent in it) it SORT OF SORT OF SORT OF reminds me of what Mary-Kate Olsen wore at the Met Ball this year- or last year I guess

  5. tho both are pals, I will agree with the forum and say Shamita. Having said this i think its an FUGLY dress…but will get you noticed on the red carpet..

  6. hey u guys -this not fair u removing all good comments and posting only mean ones-
    i think he dress lookd great on shmita-it a very redcarpet look

  7. Katrina/Ana/Mfugly/anonymous

    Your comments haven’t been approved because the same comment (in not so many different words) is being posted again and again with different names. We have comments/commentors agreeing with other comments/commentors that haven’t even been approved yet!

    Please read the ‘About’ section.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You and everyone else. It is unfair to post multiple comments under different names just to reiterate your point of view.

    Keep reading us!


  8. i saw someone at a party wearing this dress in offwhite it actually looks stunning –the belt is also very interestting–can u suggest me where can i buy this dress from.


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