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It’s not like we hate Shamita’s white embroidered suit (it’s just not our style) but one look at Divya’s suit and we certainly are loving it (Shamita’s suit) a whole lot more!

Left: Shamita Shetty at Anmol Jeweller’s 25th Anniversary Bash
Right: Divya Khosla Kumar at A.R. Rahman’s Spirit Of Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Totally agree! Shamita ain’t looking great but compared to divya she looks like a million bucks! This divya lady needs some kind of intervention and she needs it NOW! Money sure can’t bring style. Wat a waste

  2. what are you talking about.. i looovvvveee Shamita’s suit… its lovely and she looks so good… and about Divya, the less said the better… OTT much??

  3. Oh dear. Divya is such a pretty girl. Why does she have to overdo it ALL the time.She needs a stylist with ‘minimalistic” taste. What a waste of beauty and money .

  4. shamita looked so elegant in the white suit while I hate the lace and style of Divya’s dress. The red bindi is just not needed

  5. Had it been just the border at the hemline and not the gaudy pattern I would have totally loved it, but waistup she really looks pretty (Shamita that is).

    Divya looks like Trisha’s long lost cousin here.And I am sick of these matching chamkili bindis that she nvr fails to wear and somehow has in all the pathetic colors that the color wheel has to offer.

    The only bindi’s that usually work are bengali orsmall black/silver/gold ones.

  6. gawd this divya chick is just gonna waste her beauty with hideous clothes. buy a stylist gurl, cuz u is purty! anyways, yea shamita’s nothing speacial , very simple but way better than khosla ka ghosla.

  7. Shamita looks beautiful in it and the suit is very nice!

    Dont know why you didnt like it – but then you’d have called it fab if Sonam/ Mehr/ Nita Ambani/ Ash or Neha were to sport it…c’mon admit it :)…

  8. You know MM tweeted he is doing kashmiri embroidery next… wait for a wave of threadwork coming at you!
    In the meantime Shamita looks lovely.x

  9. Love the colours on white of Shamita’s suit. Divya, however, is such a pretty woman who somehow manages to manages to overdresses her beauty all the time! BTW, Kumar’s comment “Khosla ka ghosla” is too funny! I love this website.

  10. i actually like shamita’s suit.

    divya…haiye rabba…i’m pretty sure she has a stylist…but i think that stylist needs to get fired. seriously. lol


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