Its A ‘K’ Thing?

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We aren’t a big fan of these narrow rope like scarves. Are you?


Left: Shahrukh Khan
Center: Shahid Kapoor
Right: Neetu Singh Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I have a few of these in my closet and I am not sure how to put them together…I used to like these but now not much lol.

  2. Being least interested in SRK or shahid’s dressing sence, I feel its a too stringy- ribon- like for men…
    for women, one can still pull such scarf off with a nice jacket or cardigan

  3. I mind it on everyone
    these are sooo…a few years ago
    and SRK and Shahid look very wannabe-ish (I just don’t get it on Neetu. period.)
    LOVE SRK’s glasses though

  4. I like them! J Lo had a long rope like scarf in her big interview on ABC many yrs ago w Diane Sawyer (the Bennifer days)…so its been around or I guess its making a resurgence!
    In order of preference (of the scarves)-Shahrukh, Shahid and finally Neetu (the tassels/fringe is not good for me).

  5. I don’t mind it on SRK or Shahid…but Neetu didn’t wear her’s well.

    May be asian dramas have also influenced my style sense.

  6. Agree Mrug. LOL@mizfashion, are you talking about Korean dramas?
    I used to wonder about people (inclusive of me) separating Indian from asian, then came across a video of Russell Peters on asian and Indian. LOL.

  7. Dude, I HATE this kaafiyeh (or however you spell it) trend so annoying! I’m all for metrosexual men, but this trend just doesn’t sit too tightly with me! Its been around for a while, but has caught on majorly nowadays. My fiance (then bf) wore it two years ago at my bday party, and I seriously had an argument with him afterwards! LOL I hate it thaaaaaaat much.

    But it looks cute on Neetu :)

  8. This only shows that people do not tell the truth to big people, instead keep on flattering them with compliments, like they do to SRK, coz it looks ghastly and he repeats it all the time, thinking its very trendy. And believes he’s starting the trend. Its almost annoying! Its not like.. If ur a star, anything looks good on you!

  9. shahid……….!!! Som 1pls tell him this scarf doent suit him at all, and now its high time shahid stops imitating shahrukh……!!! well this slim scarp doesnt look gud on srk either.

  10. 1. Neetu’s is not a keffiyeh. but i do agree about those particular pieces that many men on the indian social circuit are beginning to sport.

    2. Due respect to those who don’t like this look, but just wanted to elaborate a little on my views. i think scarves, for women, are timeless accessories. they are not trends or fads that come and go. a scarf worn well transcends passing fads. neetu’s scarf is somewhat more unconventional, but i guess they chose it to make her look younger, because if they’d given her another silk scarf or a stole, she’d look more mature (but better, imo).

  11. Not sure if I like this trend.
    I like it the least on SRK.
    Bit off topic but look how shiny Shahid’s hair is!!!!
    @ mizfashion & Nepali – how fabulous are Korean dramas (all the romance, overdrammatic dilemmas, & especially all the amazing clothes ^_^!!)
    LOL K – that’s classic you got into a fight with your then bf (congrats on the engagament =]) about what he wore.

  12. ok true that these examples really show that noone should wear these scarves.

    but sadly, none of the three know how to wear it well. when someone, guy or girl, knows how to pull it off, let me tell u, the result is awesome!!

    hot guys who know how to dress, look GORGEOUS!
    usually it suits most females…except i don’t like the dangly bits on Neetu Kapoor’s scarf

  13. actually they look good on slim people.. they definitely dont look good on people of Shahrukh’s age.. Shahrukh always dresses like an 18 year old guy, he seriously needs a stylist, or learn something from Aamir Khan who is always appropriately dressed. On television show Gossip Girl, there is Dan Humphrey(Son) and Rufus Humfrey (Father) but are handsome and both dress well, and both dress according to their age..

  14. it’s not something i would wear EVER…it just looks weird on grown men, I always thought it looked better on young people

  15. SRK …rocks it with attitude ….neetu looks ok ….

    Amir dreses up appropriately ???? when and where that happend ??? did i misss something ….” wonders “

  16. @ Antonia – thanks, sweetie =] and I just re-read what I wrote, haha I sound like such a hitler gf. I swear I’m a nice person! ;)

  17. It were the chequered scarfs b4.. now we have this. SRK has been wearing a scarf for a little while now.. and so was KJo once. Aamir Khan was wearing a really long green one in the Ghajini flick promos. Shahid looks like a college kid.

  18. Shahid needs to stop copying everything SRK does and do his own thing for once.

    However, I don’t like the scarf on SRK either. It looks like a noose around his neck. I still love you, SRK! lol

    Since when does Aamir dress well? He looks like a joker with his high-heeled sneakers and jeans hiked up to his armpits.

  19. Not a fan of scarves….especially not of the rope-y stringy kinds shown here!! It looks good on neither.
    But SRK rocks!! Love his shades, and his mop of shaggy hair, and of course, his dimples……LOVE!!

  20. Shah Rukh at this stage he is at now,he has reached such sophistication and charm that NOTHING can go wrong,and they’re all good looking ppl so they pull it off and I’m sure we’d all take this trend over alot that recur anyday…


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