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The hosts of the the Diwali party on Saturday evening looked quite fabulous in black with the boys in their sherwani, Gauri in an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga and Suhana in a Monisha Jaising sari inspired gown.

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  1. Quite like Gauri’s look here. Glad she didn’t go overboard with the accessories. For some reason, Suhana’s outfit looks really tacky.

  2. Boys look dapper!
    Girls are a snooze-fest. Not sure how many times will AJSK recycle the same design element. And I cannot understand why do bolly people wear it day after day, year after year. First time I remember seeing this pattern was on Shweta Bachchan, looking like a rainbow, at Aish’s babyshower. That’s been more than five years.
    Suhana has exactly the same dressing aesthetics as her mom. She could have easily borrowed this from Gauri’s wardrobe.
    Sorry for the long rant, but I see all these beautiful colors and weaves and designs on lesser known “designers” on my insta feed and here are the celebrities wearing same MMs and AJSKs over and over again. Mind boggling!

  3. Liked everyone but Suhana’s outfit. The boys were my fav. Suhana needs to tone it down a bit. She seems to copy her mom a lot. N what may work on her mom doesn’t necessarily means work on her.

  4. Why don’t Gauri and Suhana ever look classy or elegant? I just dont udnerstand. They have all the money in the world yet their choice of outfits are the tackiest things ever. how pretty would they look in Anita Dongre lehenga’s for example? I dont understand why Suhana dresses like this

  5. Qstn:- Define tackiness
    Suhana:- turns up in this outfit.

    Gauri, as always snooze fest.
    I really want to see Gauri in handlooms. Am I expecting too much?

  6. The boys look so much better than the ladies. Looks like Suhana Khan favours tacky styles like the mother. AJSK, MM & MJ are have the tackiest outfits.


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