From Ad Shoot To Real Life

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SRK and Gauri also attended the Bachchan bash with Gauri opting for a one-shouldered Michael Kors gown seen on her in D’Decor’s first ad. We think she was styled much better in the ad.

The hair do from the bash had us cringing.

Thanks Deepika for the ID.

Left: Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan for D’Decor
Right: Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan at Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th Birthday Do

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Gauri’s gown is fabulous and she looks ok. Hair could have been better but it’s not disastrous. Weird thing is she’s wearing the same watch as the ad. I prefer the shoes in the ad as well.

  2. Really? She has to wear the same dress as the ad that ran in over 30K billboards in the country? Jeez, I would think they could afford a change in wardrobe?

    • So totally agree! I love SRK but this is just not doing him any favors. In fact both of them are looking kinda dated, not old, but dated in the way they are dressed and styled.

    • I was thinking the same thing, he is slowly going in for an overtly layered wardrobe which is making him look aged.

      Also the length of those trousers are WRONG!!!!

  3. I do like the outfit and it looks good on her, but the hair and white watch are a no. I like her natural hair, have no clue why she thinks she must do something weird to her hair if she is attending a party. I also did not like the hair extensions she wore to KJO’s birthday.

  4. yikes! Gauri Khan is a clear example of an “acquired” sense of fashion, which is not complete, so she usually gets most parts of her look right and one part wrong! Terrible look, plus she NEEDS to work on her hair and make up issues!

  5. Every time I see Gauri, I feel I like want to scrub her clean. Too much orange tan, bronzer and make-up with overstyled, bleached, poofy hair. Why does she favor such a tacky look?

    SRK’s styling here is hilarious too.

  6. I am glad she wore this as is from the ad, because we finally get to see the unphoto-shopped version….whatta relief

    While she doesnt look as good as in the ad, (but ofcourse, the smudged and smudged so much and ironed out every line, that she didnt even look like gauri anymore), but the resl pic is still so much better, because she does looks very nice for a lady on the wrong side of 40.

    • The only “wrong” side of 40 is dropping dead before you hit 41.

      As for Gauri…I like the lady but the leopard print is a bit too Real Housewives for me. I prefer her in a more ladylike avatar.


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