Of Extremes

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At the Dabangg 2 Premiere, Seema wore her DvF top with denims and boots while Ameesha went the shorts route with a blue Chanel clutch to coordinate with her Victoria’s Secret American flag tank.

Makes ya wonder, was it that cold or that hot? :P


Left: Seema Khan at Dabangg 2 Premiere
Right: DvF Mara Top


Left: Ameesha Patel at Dabangg 2 Premiere
Right: Victoria’s Secret Love Pink Tank

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ameesha can do really really well if she dresses like elegantly like karisma and preity. she is very good looking , has a great body but bad dressing sense.

  2. Can we ban Amisha on this site and only feature her when she decides not to appear trashy in public..Why would a pretty girl do this to herself??

  3. the difference in outfits is better explained by economics than metrology ;)
    Seema Khan is married to an illustrious “Khan”daan while Amisha is still scouting for item numbers :D

    • this is a ridiculous analysis. ameesha is very rich herself. it looks like you are trying to say that only people who don’t have money dress tackily. here in london and even in mumbai, college students with not much money put together great looks using low cost outfits. they do not look tacky. look at queenie singh. she dresses tackily and is super rich.

  4. lol. the left photo of Ms Patel looks like she is trying to cover her modesty with the clutch .. On a serious note she seriously needs to cover up :P

  5. Dressing up a pair of shorts and a tank with a pair of heels does not make it event appropriate. What was she thinking? It looks like she was lounging at home, received a last minute invite, didn’t have time to change and thus this look. Gah!!!

  6. In the first pic, her posing makes her look naked wasit down with the clutch covering her modesty… Why hasnt she realised the need for intervention yet?!

  7. I don’t get Seema Khan’s top. It looks… bad. It looks like she got it stitched for a stage performance… you know what I mean, right? And those boots. What was she thinking? No no no no no.

    Ameesha Patel’s hair though. Yeah cool, her shorts are practically non existent. But her hair. AND HER MAKE UP. Omg.


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