Seeing Double

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Houston, we have a problem!

Vogue just revealed its May cover featuring Ashika Pratt in a Sanchita fringe monokini. Problem is, Elle featured the same exact monokini on Deborah Priya Henry except, this cover is from May of last year.

We’d put a poll here of which is the better cover but it seems rather pointless. Both covers are just so alike. :P


Left: Vogue India, May 2014
Right: Elle India, May 2013

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. HOLY SHIT! That just proves how utterly mediocre the VOGUE india team is. Such lousy uninspired covers. And the designer is going to be in hot water for palming off an old design for this season. Ridiculous… do you see this ever happen internationally?

    • Internationally, vogue features the likes of Kim K and Kanye West, and I’d take an Indian model over those two any day.
      Vogue has proved that they don’t have standards. Its just about the number of copies they sell.

  2. How does it matter? It’s not like they will fire Anaita for this, which they really should since she is too buy styling mediocre movies to concentrate on the magazine and if this doesn’t show that then what will.

  3. Not surprised. Having seen Bandana Tewari and her “style” featured here on HHC, I never had any high hopes for Vogue India.


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