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Kareena Kapoor’s Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag ( BUY )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The simplicity of the previous site was excellent and I am missing it. kindly remove the extra links from the front page, and keep your homepage as it was before so that the users who are complaining should have the previous ‘look and feel’ of this website *which was more user-friendly*.
    You can make a separate single option for all your extra links, ads, videos.

    1.The “Black HHC header” at the bottom is not making sense at all. It is looking highly unprofessional.
    2. In “Celeb Style page” You already have facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram links collectively on the top right corner of your website. Kindly remove the same links in between your pages which you have used twice. Same goes for Home page.

    Kindly use the previous version of HHC. OR
    Make a single option or tab for all your extra links and ads.

    • This template/look of this website is still manageable on desktop but it has not been optimised for mobiles. Part of what is making me resist it is that I can’t easily navigate through it on my phone which I used to earlier compounded by non-readability of the text. From that perspective, I really hope this new website look doesn’t cannibalise into the readership of it because these women are doing well. I have to travel long to my work & I used to read HHC on my phone during my journey but that’s not possible now. Business of the website on my phone makes me close it so I don’t bother checking it anymore on my phone.


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