In Threes

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While travelling into the city recently, Sara was spotted doing desi in cotton separates. Have a favorite? I liked all the outfits but the blue chikankari sharara had my heart instantly.

Sara Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Can we applaud her for looking normal at the airport? I am impressed that she doesn’t feel compelled to turn the airport into a ramp or the red carpet.

  2. How refreshing to see this in a sea of curated ‘Airport Looks’ and too short too tight clothes that the newer entrants feel compelled to wear these days. Kudos!!!

    • I think its Libas, they shared that picture on their insta. Check Libas online. Lol i was eyeing that suit too to beat Fl heat!

    • I’m seriously considering buying it too. Can’t find it on their website though :(
      She is inspiring me to break out into my cottons from back home for work (we wear very casual clothing mostly). So beautiful and effortless. Really, she is the emerging youth icon in all of bollywood today (fashion and sass included!)

        • they definitely can if they want to. ages ago bollywood star and star kids were icons alongiwth a lot of models. and probably thats why star kids are hounded by media even today as the upcoming new thing.

          • No way. The youth should take Indian soldiers, Indian scientists or so many others who are sacrificing so much for the country as youth icons. Definitely not star kids of Bollywood.

      • Yes I meant fashion wise. I meant a lot of youngsters can take fashion tips from her. The rest of the nepo brigade has awful taste in clothes. I’m all for hardwork and if an bollywood star has gotten there based on the merit of his/her work, then why not call them an icon!

  3. I love how she mixes it up all the time, I especially love the pink look.

    Also, it’s Sara, not Soha, in the photo caption!

  4. Love her aesthetic in general. She should stick to her own personal style for promotions and events as well- all those overly styled looks are a far cry from the ease and grace with which she carries these beautiful suits.


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