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Sapna Bhavnani styled the models who walked at The Collective’s spring fashion show. She attended the show in a Kallol Datta prison-slate dress that Priyanka and I love!

Compared to her usual style (see inside), this is a more toned look for the hair stylist who has a style mantra some would call punk-ish.

You may love it or hate it but you cannot deny that Sapna definitely has a unique spunky look. One that I, for one, love.

Left: Kallol Datta, Resort 2010
Right: Sapna Bhavnani at The Collective Fashion Show

Left: At Shag Hair Show, 2008
Center: At Chivas Event at Aurus, 2010
Right: At Sapna’s Mad-O-Wat Saloon, 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. OMG< the red haired look, i love, i am a big fan of coloring your hair with unusual colors, although i wish it was not whole red, i keep my hair like that, part red, and part black :D

    on a side note, the main picture we r to discuss, the excess of red lipstick with the prisoners gown somehow reminds of the Joker, her smile( laugh?) also has an eerie resemblance. not criticising, just stumbled upon it.

  2. must say i was totally sick of seeing the bollywood brigade come up with utterly tiresome and uninspiring wesern wear or glittery salwars ALL THE TIME and this is a sight for the sore eyes
    PLS PLS PLS girls TRY!! bin them mini dresses, gliterry sandals and sparkly salwars., either follow the trend or have a personal style. but do something..RANT OVER (SIGH) :P

  3. I love Sapna! So quirky and fun, such a nice change from the Birkin-and-Bling-Bling Desi Stepford Wives crowd.

    And most importantly, she seems so happy experimenting with her style and doesn’t seem to give a damn about other people, trends, brands etc.

  4. Sapna is definitely the Lady Gaga of India ! She has a distinct style of her own which nobody but nobody can carry it off the way she does !


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