Kunal vs Kunal: A Face Off

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Both the Kunals attended Sanjay’s anniversary bash in casual denims. Got a favorite Kunal?

As for me, it’s neither! :( (Kapoor has his hair too long these day’s which is killing it for me!)


Kunal Kapoor and Kunal Khemu at Sanjay Dutt’s Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. this is’nt a flattering pic of khemu..cos he’s a total yum everywhere else.. seen him on tv and other sites…where he does look awesome

  2. Mr.Khemu is the same adorable little guy who was ih hum hai rahi pyar ke! for that I will love him forever!! while Mr.Kapoor is just weird looker

  3. Ive never figured the fascination with Kunal Kapoor. He needs to take a shower and shave (I loved him in Meenaxi — his debut)…

    Kunal Khemu, on the other hand, since his haircut and working out…. humana humana humana!!

  4. kunal khemu is usually a cutie
    but looks like a wannabe here with that hair and earrings and soul patch

    kunal kapoor looks hot and would even in a potato sack

  5. I checked the polls earlier and it seemed like a close race between the two. But I am confused why would somebody vote for Khemu. I have to agree with Sonia99 that Khemu looks like a gigolo. Those earring are so not hot.

  6. Here is the comparison.. Kunal Kapoor has too long a face and he doesnt look good according to me.. Even Abhishek Bachhan who is kind of really ugly looking for an actor looks better than Kunal Kapoor.. I would definitely go for Kunal Khemu here he looks smart and cute..


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