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Sangita Kathiwada, owner of Melange was spotted wearing a dress by Sougat Paul at a recent collection preview. On one hand we love that Sangita promoted the new designer by wearing his creation but then hate that she killed the look with those super pointy ankle pumps.

Below are Sougat’s designs from Lakme Fashion Week’s Gen Next show held back in March.

Left: Sougat Paul, Spring Summer 2010
Right: Sangita Kathiwada at Melange Preview


Sougat Paul, Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

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  1. this is obviously my day for loving the dresses on this blog. i love the dress kathiwada is wearing and the two outfits on the extreme right and left in the bottom row. thank you PnP for introducing me to a new designer.

    • Indeed he is a promising new designer to look out for !
      The lady though killed the dress off the runway. Thanks to her hair and shoes.

    • I know right.. I love the dress she has on! And I love her work as well. She uses such pretty colors and so the dresses look so flattering.

  2. Lovely dress. love the colours.. the love the 1st dress in the row of shots below. Can’t belive the shoes she is wearing. Maybe she wanted to wear tie ups like the model???? but forgot that shape is all imp

  3. Unfortunately the pumps don’t do it for me either…I like the first dress on the model… I would do it as a dress and ditch the leggings.

  4. If you dissect the look, then I like her dress, I like her hair and I like the shoes too but when put together it all looks out of place!

    Shoes don’t go with the out fit…Its not just the type of shoes its also the color of her footwear!

    Other dresses are just adorable! I love em all except the blue one..second from the left!


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