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Spotted Ms. Sameera Reddy in a yellow version of the same Shantanu and Nikhil ombre dress as was seen on Hard Kaur a few weeks ago.

Now, if we had had a full front profile image, we could have had a nice face off between the two and my guess is Hard would have won this round!

sameera_kabhi2.jpg sameera_kabhi21.jpg
Above: Sameera at Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar sets
Below: Hard Kaur at FHM Magazine bash
FHM Magazine Party

Edit: Changed title!


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  1. but thnkfully her make up isn’t tht caked up n nude shade of lipcolor also seems to be suiting her more, hv seen such horrendous pics of her tht dis one comes as a relief, tho hard kaur luks much bettr but i m liking sameera too for being a li’l jus a li’l subtle

  2. I like Sameera’s color combo better than the usual black and white..she shud hav worn some bright shoes to get bring out the mellow yellow…but she is not looking too bad..

  3. very true…if we could acutally see her shoes, I’m sure Hard Kaur would win
    …plus she sort of wins on default becasue Hard is one of the few Bollywood ladies who actually stands out from the crowd


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