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Samantha picked a Sailesh Singhania sari to wear to IIFA Utsavam finishing it out with a side-swept do and ruby and pearl traditional earrings.

The ruffled blouse did feel a bit whimsical but I thought she pulled it off. Disagree? Would’ve you have preferred a simple blouse here?

Samantha Prabhu at IIFA Utsavam 2017 Day Two

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Only reasonable explanation – the original blouse ripped minutes before she had to be in public eye! In order to avoid going sans blouse, she donned the only dress she could lay her hands on, tucked it into the bottom half of her saree and proceeded – beautiful charming smile in place

  2. A simple blouse would have lost all the drama, but I’d take elegance over “whimsical” any day, especially when it comes to a simple sari like that. There’s a severe top/bottom mismatch here.

  3. I, for one, loved the blouse..with this saree, big noo! Some quirky print saree or even a plain powder pink or dark mint coloured saree would have looked really impactful! Here this saree looks too traditional for that frilly blouse!

  4. The whimsical blouse is nice and so is the sari but the two don’t go well with each other. That blouse deserved a better sari and the sari deserved a better blouse.

    • I agree with Ritika.
      That said, these kinds of saris have been around for ages and I fail to see what is “designer” about them.

    • Exactly! The sari with its zari and all looks very traditional and contemporary , to be paired with this blouse. A sari in a different fabric and design would have been a better match for this. And also , if she really wanted to make a quirky statement she couldve gone for a fun hairdo/jewelry with this look. As is, not a fan ..!

  5. It’s an interesting and offbeat take on the traditional blouse and I think she’s pulled it off very well. At least there isn’t anything tacky about it.

  6. Love the look on her. She carried the over the top ruffled blouse with ease! I hope these blouses don’t become a thing cause I cant imagine wearing one myself.


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