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Samantha has been quite busy promoting A Aa and sporting quite a few looks while at it. Of the ones you see here, got a favorite?



Photo Credit: Rang De Photography

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  1. All the varied outfits and yet it all looks the same vanilla. And if you want to wear a Be Silly Be Weird T have some attitude.

  2. I think a new fashionista is born!!!! Her outfits, jewelry, hair and make-up all work together so well to enhance each of this unique looks!!! I am a convert!

  3. I love the Shriya som outfit, but I’m just not feeling the hair. Though the clothes are good, the lady in question has no attitude whatsoever, to carry them off. Why does it always seem like she’s trying too hard? Calling her a “fashion icon” or “fashionista” is a gross misrepresentation of the term.

  4. I like the first look and the Shriya Som (3rd pic, first row) the best of all. Love the delicate sandals in the 2nd & 5th look. The gladiators are the only eye sore amongst everything. Not sure about she being or becoming a fashionista but she is trying new styles and has been on a good run. Some work, some dont. I will take her sober attitude anyday over the OTT fierce attitude or the nasty posing of some. Kajal, Samantha & Tammannah have been having a good run in South and hope it stays. With all the restrictions and rules one has to adhere to in South Indian movie industries, these ladies are doing a fine job at fashion.


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