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Spotted Laila Lamba wearing the same white dress first seen on Rukhsana at the ‘Art of Taste’ Brunch back in March. Not a big fan of Rukhsana’s footwear but from what we see, we do like it better on her. Laila’s overuse of bracelets/wristbands isn’t working for the dress.

Yep. That is an LV African Clutch on Laila.


Left: Rukhsana Eisa at Art Of Taste Brunch, Mar 2009
Right: Laila Lamba At A Brunch, Jul 2009

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  1. i do like the dress a lot.. footwear coculd have been better though

    btw…i need to ask for some fashion advice:
    i have to go to a church wedding and i have this aqua dress with a little bit of black in it..and im wearing it with black shoes…what kind and colour of accessories should i go for?

    thanks a lot!

  2. @funkyfresh…would u consider metallics? as in silver/gold hoop earrings, bracelet and a sleek necklace OR…black beads, drop earrings etc…

    OR a statement necklace alone with a bracelet…
    OR maybe pearls??

    The choices are endless…would love to know what you do!

  3. The lady on the left looks quite big! i think the dress is better suited for women with a slim/thin frame..
    The lady on the right looks quite pretty but she is overdoing the whole golden thing with her bag..

  4. the white dress is for 18-22 age group, these 35 plus(i’m assuming by their looks/appearance) women would look better if they wore the shirt dress/sheath dresses/ the silhouette favored by twinkle khanna

  5. Err, are we sure that this is a dress and not a babydoll-nightie??? Hahhahahaha! That Laila Lamba sure needs a lesson in wearing understated clothes; I often see her in magazines wearing an ensemble that includes all of the above: leopard print, cheetah print, snakeskin print!!! Perhaps she is trying to emulate George of the Jungle???

  6. Yeah, this dress is too ‘frou -frou’ forthese older ladies. Its like these indian socialites are just so desperate to be seen in the latest designer threads, carry the ‘it’ bags ect. that thinking about what actually suits them gos completely out the window!


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