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For her two recent appearances, Rekha picked lovely silk saris to wear, dressing both up with flowers, traditional jewelry and her signature striking lip color.

While the chartreuse and hot-pink sari made for an interesting choice, it was the more restrained and understated beige and gold sari that stood out to me more.

Left: At Manikarnika Screening
Right: At A Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I absolutely adore the beige/bronze saree and would wear it myself. The gaudy Christmas tree look is awful and she looked more heavily dressed than the bride.
    The application of makeup with spoons should stop now too. Its overwhelming

  2. Both the sarees are gorgeous! Rich silks sarees make for very classy attires. The chartreuse may seem bright when pitted against the beige but it’s normal in India to wear bright colors at weddings and receptions.

  3. Absolutely love both sarees, but agree that the overall look of the beige one wins. Her last several appearances have been a bit too blingy for my taste (both the sarees and the styling), so am really pleased that she kept it formal but tasteful. Far more impactful this way, and her beauty really shines through.

  4. Why can’t she just do what she has done with the beige look most of the times instead of those gaudy looks she comes up with. She looks lovely there and such a gorgeous saree!

  5. She’s looking great!
    Love both the sarees but definitely the beige one slightly more.
    I’m just happy she’s letting the sarees and her beauty shine through, finally I can see more of her and the sarees than her shawls, truckloads of jewelry and her hair.
    She is looking less OTT than her usual in terms of jewelry and accessories – none to only a single necklace for Rekha is a big achievement in my books.

  6. Liked the chartreuse saree better. But with the heavy handed accessorising and make up, it looks far less impressive than it should have been!

  7. Both the sarees are beautiful. I especially like the chartreuse and pink saree, becos the color combination is so unique. I might be biased, because my mom had a saree in that color combination when I was growing up. The issue with that look is the excessive make up and jewelry. With that focus pulling color combination, the jewelry and make up seems tooo much.

  8. Both sarees are stunning in different ways.. would love to see her wearing a nude lip with her heavy eye make up for a change. With a gorgeous jewel tones of her Kanjeevarams, a light handed makeup would look really beautiful on her.
    As for the jewellery, yes, the maang tikka could be smaller in size!

  9. She has an evbiable collection of kanjiwaram saris. Usually she likes to wear at least a couple of them at the same time so it is good to see her keep it relatively lighter this time. Hope some day she learns to wear less make up or experiment with natural looks. It has been the same heavy make up and dark lipstick for years.
    I love the cream colored sari a bit more and wish she had draped it a little better.


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