Shoe-In, Shoe-Out

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This is the first we’ve spotted one of those Sabyasachi shoes off the runway and, as much as I applaud Rashmi for sporting the unusual, they just did not work. Those platform-clogs (I just made up that word for lack of a better one) need to have a moment and this wasn’t it.

On an aside, who do you think can work the hell out of these shoes? Or are they unsalvageable and, should be left for the runway alone?

Left: Rashmi Uday Singh At Dior Store Launch
Right: Sabyasachi, Spring Summer/Resort 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can… I can totally hit this one out of the ballpark, & I’m not even quirky :-)
    The trick is to wear these shoes with something simple (but not too plain), & direct all attention to footwear.
    Pale gold or similar hued outfit.. my two bits.

  2. i cant for the life of me think of anyone being able to pull these off. they’d actually be quite nice looking as a pair of flats in my opinion =)

  3. These shoes make your feet look bigger than they are… so its definitely no no for a short person.
    I think Lara Dutta can pull it off with a cute short dress.

  4. Young-schmung, Jane Birkin or Carine Roitfeld, probably Frieda Pinto, or any other woman with style (key words being “With Style”) could rock the hell out of those shoes!
    Now the main problem here seems to be that we’ve got a short woman who is wearing three distinct blocks of color which cut her into—lemme hear it people—THIRDS!
    A tall woman like a model MIGHT get away with that but if you look you’ll see that the runway avatar is wearing leggings that echo/match the colors of the ties of the shoes thus lengthening the leg.
    Poor Rashmi’s coat is in heavy black & red combo over WTF—CREAM(?) leggings, and then back to the heavy mode with the shoes.
    Why do I bet this woman is about 5’3″ if that? There is just no way on earth a petite woman can hack herself into thirds and carry off heavy shoes without looking like a midget standing in a flower pot. Trust me on that. I’m 5’2″ and shrinking.

  5. Masaba, Deepika Padukone, Sonam, Shilpa! These ladies would work them well ensuring they are carefully paired with understated short dresses…


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