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It was a flirty, floral Dior Spring 2010 dress which Shamita wore to the store launch. Now if only she had put a bit of a retro spin on it… The hair and the black pumps are bit of a downer for me. Strappy heels and some marcel waves if not a pony would’ve done the trick!

Left: Dior Spring 2010
Centre And Right: Shamita Shetty At Dior Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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  1. the dress looks like a fancy night dress on Shamita. Both Shilpa and Shamita have done the brazilian blow dry on their hair, it looks good on shilpa (who has very curly hair) but it has made shamita’s hair flat and without any bounce.

      • it is a treatment that straightens your hair but last only for 3 months. My sister has had it done and it now takes her less than 10 minutes to blow dry her hair. Somehow it also improves the texture of your hair and gets rid of all the frizz. I read in an interview that Katrina has also had this process done. The downside is that it only lasts for 3 to 4 months and is expensive. In Los Angeles it cost $300 for the whole hair. If you have long curly hair, do the whole hair, if you have wavy hair, just do the underneath section of your hair. It also looks much better on those with below the shoulder hair. This process must be done at a good hair salon.

  2. Ah I just love Chanel Iman’s styling and hair and makeup (even the blue-grey eyeshadow, which I normally hate). They go so well with the flirty dress, she looks stunning.
    Shamita makes it look utterly boring.

    • Completely agree with you! Chanel looks amazing the dress just looks so fun and sexy on her. Shamita managed to make it look like any old forever 21 dress.

    • HAHA yeah have to agree with you on that .. but comparisons aside, Shamita’s hair, shoes, makeup etc pretty much do make this dress fall way flat!

  3. I think she looks better in it! come on! The model looks like shes done her hair and makeup and is about it slip out of that into a gown… Shamita looks cute x


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