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Wearing a Ralph Lauren sweater with pants also from the label, Rani jetted out of Mumbai on Thursday. I didn’t mind the sweater and jogger pants pairing but all love was lost at the pink sneakers and the bag.

Shop the sweater here.

Rani Mukerji

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  1. I know its your prerogative but you guys should seriously stop covering airport looks.
    1. Its kind of lame/ passe,
    2. celebs are becoming sillier by trying to keep up with the airport look pressure, and
    3. its unfair that they get trolled and cant wear comfy stuff any hour of the day.

    You guys started the airport look madness, so tnought i should call out to the root causers!.

    • Yes. They cover it and then criticize that the looks are either so curated or they are so hideous. Rani is not at an event here or at work. Maybe she chose to wear pink sneakers cause they are comfortable for a flight. She didn’t care to curate it for you so why comment on it??

      With your logic, Will you start posting gym looks as well? Why not? Celebs are being photographed there too!

  2. I am so done with airport looks!!!! How are all these atrocious outfits and tacky branded accessories/shoes even considered “looks”? Almost every airport look is so cringeworthy.

  3. Quoting the fug girls when I say that this is a typical case of scroll down fug. My eyes!
    Also, I think that the shade of her shoes is colloquially called Rani pink. Heh heh.

  4. It’s either “athleisure sporty casual” or “elegant chic”… But what is this style? Sweater, joggers, oversized glasses, gaudy pink sneakers and a shoulder bag? This is way beyond WTHeyy!

    I agree with the other posts – airport look are downright silly! Celebs flaunting on-the-face designer brands . Styles that don’t suit the weather, but wearing them because want to be photographed at the airport wearing the latest season’s trends! It’s worse than red carpet posing!

  5. PnP can not be blamed for covering airport looks. There is an airline in India and on its airstairs it is written ‘supermodel’s favourite ramp’. Lol.

  6. Rani loves her desgner brands. She will wear anything as long as it has a designer logo regardless of whether it is fugly or fits her or makes her look silly.

  7. This is exactly how normal people wud dress to the airport … comfortable !!!
    How silly that u guys are covering this and actually commenting on her personal comfort level.
    That’s a shame


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