Well Suited?

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Deepa Mehta’s Beeba Boys screened at TIFF last Sunday and in attendance was leading man Randeep Hooda wearing a black suit. As hot as he looked waist up (bias alert!), I just haven’t warmed up to the ankle pants trends on men yet. Call me old school when it comes to men in suits. That’s me.

Question now goes back to you. Well Suited? Or not?


Randeep Hooda at Beeba Boys Screening
at Toronto International Film Festival 2015

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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  1. Having seen this look up close and in person, I have to say – it was HOT. Very stylish, and I think the entire band of Beeba Boys pulled off their risky looks in true elan!

  2. As hard as it is for the length not to be a distraction, I think we tolerate a lot worse from women… Maybe it’s time to sit back and let Randeeps and Ranveers overhaul men’s fashion now !


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