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To host the IIFA 09 Fashion Extravaganza, Sophie chose a pale pink sari and looked lovely in it! On the other hand, Raima went with an all white look in a Manav Gangwani on the Green Carpet for the main IIFA event whose look didn’t quite work, for us anyway! It looks like Raima is almost drowning in all that fabric/extended pallu!


Left: Sophie Chaudhary At IIFA 09 Fashion Extravaganza
Right: Raima Sen At IIFA 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. loving the pink saree, just wish she would wear it properly just once in her life!!

    Raima.don’t even want to talk about that disaster.

  2. I like Sophie minus the blouse.. it looks more like a blingy bikini. Raima’s looks is more like one of Sridevi’s tacky costumes from old movies.

  3. Sophie has lost oodles of weight!! Looks good!
    And well for her….thanks to her mommy dearest she’s an actress today! Else, she’d have to find an alternative career!! Her makeup is like she has’nt slept for ages!! BLEHH!

  4. LOL @ Such
    raima……..why o why? apart from the saree disaster, her blouse is tacky & her makeup is just soooo working against her. but sophie is smokin!

  5. I really don’t like any of the looks. Raima is drowning in the white material plus that chain belt is just so tacky. Sophie’s sari is very pretty, but she ruins it with tacky earrings and blouse, plus I hate the one-boob peaking thing lolz.

  6. This isn’t raima’s style at all, it’s all too much..she looks the best with her simple style.

    Sophie has been looking very sophisticated lately…I love it! Her lace sari is absolutely stunning!

  7. Sophie looks pretty. The other one just looks dishevelled. Sorry but that sari is just as blingy as the other ones seen at IIFA, so you guys should hate it. BUT you dont. hmmm.

  8. I dont understand this whole prudish mentality that you HAV to cover your boobs when you drape a sari. I mean the whole point of fashion is re-invention and breaking the rules. Originally, in ancient india women did not even WEAR a blouse. I wish people would be open to new ideas. Sometimes we go to far when it comes to guarding our ‘culture’.


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