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Wearing a velvet Boohoo dress with earrings from Outhouse, Radhika attended the GQ Best Dressed soiree on Saturday evening. I don’t quite like those particular gold sandals and a velvet dress can be very tricky to pull off but I quite liked her here. You?

Get the dress on sale HERE.

Radhika Apte at GQ Best Dressed 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That dress almost reminded me of a lingerie. Nevertheless, like you said, velvet dresses are hard to pull off & there’s no denying that Ms Apte is owning every inch of it. So yes, I like it on her. Makeup is dewy too. Way to go girl!

  2. her facial features are similar to aishwarya rai….does any one else think that ?…love her dusky complexion…and that dress is terrible but she pulls it off

  3. When you hate the fashion but the person looks great. If I saw this dress on a sale rack, I’d wonder about the taste of the person who could select it but there’s no doubt that she looks like a knockout in it. Plus the earrings are all wrong too, yet again they look great on her. I like it when someone subverts conventional fashion wisdom by simply turning up and looking gorgeous.

  4. Boohoo is an apt word to be included in the title of this post as the horrible texture of the dress resembles an antique sofa and is an eyesore.

  5. This girl is stunning. But boohoo I hate the brand itself. I shopped their stuff online the materials were tacky and the fittings were horrible. All the people out there please be careful when you buy boohoo.

  6. Nope, nope just no.. I feel bad for all the fabric, crasftmen, tailors, assistants, middlemen, delivery guys , hours and effort that went into making this ghastly outfit. If even Radhika in all her glory can’t seem to work this dress out , then I think its better for the rest of us mortals to just stay away from the dress.


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