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When I first spotted these Project PEP accessories from Jimmy Choo on Nisha, I was kind of iffy about them… But now that I see how Raageshwari’s worn ’em, I love it. The wedges are still not something I would gravitate to but Raageshwari totally works ’em in her Deepika Gehani dress.

To see how Nisha wore hers, look inside.


Raageshwari At Deepika Gehani’s Collection Showcase At Chamomile


Nisha Jamwal At Daboo Ratnani Calendar Launch In Jimmy Choo Project PEP Wedges And Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. does she ever have a bad day? she is always so simply, classically and impeccably dressed. never a pin out of place. love the dress on her, she works the accessories, love her hair and those aviators on her….girl crush!!

  2. Ok guys, i’m a childhood friend of ragz so i must share this page with her. Let me share her youth secrets first as i do agree she only keep looking younger . She sleeps very early and wakes up almost at 5 am for prayers, riyaaz and yoga . she worships her parents, LITERALLY !!! you will never find her angry EVER in any situation. even men who’s proposals get turned down by her love her much more, as she is so gentle with them )))))))))))
    every one who knows her does not care about her style but the person she is. SUPER AMAZING. that is her true style. a golden hearted friend of mine. i love you Ragz for the person you are :)

  3. Raageshwari has an awesome body and such good skin !! wow. ………..Her crowning glory, her dress, the bag and wedges – one word – SUPERLICIOUS !


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