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In Deepika Gehani

When I first spotted these Project PEP accessories from Jimmy Choo on Nisha, I was kind of iffy about them… But now that I see how Raageshwari’s worn ’em, I love it. The wedges are still not something I would gravitate to but Raageshwari totally works ’em in her Deepika Gehani dress.

To see how Nisha wore hers, look inside.


Raageshwari At Deepika Gehani’s Collection Showcase At Chamomile


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In Bebe

It’s been a while since we had a Bebe sighting and seeing it on Sophie is no surprise considering she does love the brand. (You can see her in Bebe here, here and here).

Do like her version better though than the one available online on sale right now.

Left: Sophie Chaudhary at Daboo Ratnani 2009 Calendar Launch
Right: Bebe Strapless Cummerbund Dress

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Clawed And Proud

Its become a sort of joke with us now, every time we find another picture of Kahkashan Patel in her favorite pair of shoes and clutch…we laugh, snicker and then post!! Yes, you might be sick of it already but not us, not yet!! :)

We’ve seen her with it a million times already, and then some! Here are a few more pictures of her with the clutch from the archives!! Hilarious!!

At Gucci Launch

At Daboo Ratnani’s Calendar Launch


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