Sari Style?

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Here we were trying to ask Ms. Patel to take pointers from Ms. Arora but looks like Ms. Singh has been taking a few pointers from Ms. Patel.

Here is the dilemma though. Should we be glad Queenie didn’t pick a blouse like Ms. Patel’s?

Catch more pics from Farah’s Bash Here.

Queenie Singh at Farah Khan Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: prokerala

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  1. gueenie queenie,now you have become buddhi please stop trying to dress up like this and giving people a SHOCK.
    you look like balloon that lost all the AIR…….

  2. Hmm…She fares much better than Ameesha. But what is this intense desire for showing off the blouse? The saree so painstakingly arranged so that it wont cover the blouse!! hehe so funny! I would rather she wore the blouse with a skirt and ditch the saree altogether!

  3. Actually I think she looks kind of lovely. The blouse is very modest (even more so than a regular saree blouse let alone a bikini blouse) so the pallu to one side doesn’t look as revealing. I know she’s showing her midriff but don’t all saree blouses show it? And besides, she wouldn’t be Queenie if she didn’t show some skin.

    I think she’s in great shape and she looks lovely here. She reminds of Kim Cattral from Sex and the City. “I will wear whatever and b**w whomever I want as long as I can breath and kneel.” HAHA

    • I agree- She doesn’t look that bad for gods sake! Its just the way shes draped the saree which lets her down but I guess this is the way she likes to look in a saree, maximum exposure! As you said though the blouse is fairly modest so she’s a step up from Ameesha Patel who would drape the saree like this over a bikini top! Oh, and I love her neckpiece from what I can make out – as far as I’m concerned shes better off dressing like this instead of her usual herve leger numbers.

  4. I quite like it, actually. if you had seen this outfit on someone you deem fashionable, would you all be so critical? i think its a definite upgrade from her standard looks..

  5. I like her sari and the sari blouse would have looked OK if she had left that horrible neckpiece at home and covered the blouse like a NORMAL person. It looks like Queenie has worn every piece of jewelry she had at home. She may have borrowed some too. The poor thing has had a real bad hair cut, the front of the hair is way too short.

  6. Gosh!! she has been ripped so badly that whatever I wanted to say is covered by others!! Well how about suggesting what she should be wearing….she maybe reading this blog afterall ;)

  7. With so much wealth to spare, she needs a stylist to teach her elegance and style. If she had covered up she would have looked good. Why does she feel the need to show skin all the time! She’s an attractive women by all means, why dress up like a tart. The necklace is nice though.

  8. you know that first picture you have up says it all. she’s looking so haggard that i don’t feel right saying anything about her clothes. its like being rude to the neighbourhood aunty. just not right.


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